Team Member Mr. Simon Coburn interviews the man behind the clothes and The Blade Clothing, CEO Sean Partridge. SC: "I've Known Sean for a number of years now so I thought it would be good to get some info out of him!"

Questions : Si Coburn

SC: What made you start The Blade Clothing?

SP: After talking with friends, I wanted to create a brand that represented blading also something you can wear to the pub.

SC: What's been your favourite item you have released?

SP:Personally , my favourites are the first ever baseball tops and also the hip flasks.

SC: You like to collaborate with artists for designs, do you have an idea already in your head to how you want a new range to look or do you give them free range on designs?

SP: A bit of both. Normally I have an idea in my head that I speak about with the designer so we develop it a bit but always incorporating a blade.

SC: You have an international team with varied styles, what do you look for in a blader apart from GQ good looks and athletic physiques?

SP:Haha apart from extremely good looks.. I also look for good personality and a creative style.

SC: What's your views on the current state of blading?

SP: Frustrating! There's too much negativity because these days I feel people won't let the sport grow..

SC: Blading and Beer come hand I with you but can you tell us about your passion for beers and where it came from?

SP: Beer...ahh well where do I begin?! Mainly being brought up in the pub trade. Before the craft ale boom my family were one of the first to sell craft ales in the area so from there I've developed an unhealthy obsession with craft ale!

SC: What does the blade clothing mean to you?

SP: It's an extended family and unforgettable times.

SC: Any future planes/goals for the blade clothing?

SP: To continue pushing high quality goods and nurturing my handsome bladers through their exciting careers..

SC: If you couldn't blade ever again what would you see yourself doing?

SP: I would be brewing beer/drinking my beer and dream weaving.

SC: Can you tell us more about the promo edit you made a few years back with the car and long lush locks?

SP: No comment.

SC: You have held a few blade jams over the years, Any upcoming events to look out for?

SP: I'm working on one now. Hopefully I will hold it at the amazing Spit and Sawdust very soon, be on the lookout for a date!

SC: You have an hour left to live, do you A. Go blade , B. Go pub. You cannot do both!

SP: That's a silly question. I would chose the pub but I would be wearing my blades at the pub!

SC: Can you predict what might happen if you ate Estonian Boar, Elk and Bear meat mixed in with a few days worth of ale drinking would do to you?

SP: That would be a near death experience!

SC: Any last words?

SP: A massive big thank you to my family and girlfriend for being supportive and the blade family. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here now writing this shit questionnaire out haha x